Wednesday 30 March 2011

Here We Go Again!!!!

It's been almost two years since we last travelled to Hungary with Habitat for Humanity, a house build in Hajdúböszörmény, with 16 pupils and 5 teachers. That trip was immensely successful but, considering the difficulties experienced with fundraising in 2009, we decided to take a break last year.

It is now March 2011 and we are returning to Hungary in a few days time (we are currently making the final preparations) to work on a build in the town of Miskolc in north eastern Hungary. This time around we will be helping to build and restore a centre for children with physical and mental disabilities. Over the past six months or so we have been fundraising heavily to secure the funds to build and restore the centre with a range of activities from table quizzes, magic shows, ice-cream and cake sales, non-uniform days, coffee mornings, sponsored walks, Christmas pudding sales (thanks Marie!), comedy nights and much more. We are also grateful for the many personal donations made to staff and pupils to help up reach our target of €35,000.

With the hard work over we can look forward to a busy, productive yet fulfilling trip. We will be blogging and, for the first time, tweeting throughout the trip (our twitter account is @scchabitat) so keep up to date with what's happening right here.

So who's going? Well there are six staff (Humphrey Jones, Peter Jackson, Julie O'Herlihy (Robinson), Kate Smtih, Ronan Swift & Evan Jameson) and 14 pupils (Emma Moore, Aoise Keogan Nooshabadi, Claire Conway, Alex Traill, Alex Bowring, Kezia Wright, Eleanor Dolphin, Catie McGonagle, Mark Agar, Zach Stephenson, Jamie Boyd, Hamish Law, Neil Dalrymple & Hugo Hollis). We are sure the trip will be a hige success and would like to thank each and every one who contributed in any way to our fundraising efforts.

We've climbed the mountain, now let's enjoy the view.