Thursday 21 June 2007

38 degrees in the shade

Thursday afternoon hit 38 degrees in the shade. We have our last working day tomorrow followed by a farewell meal with the families we are building the houses with. We are all looking forward to coming home, but have had a brilliant time that we will never forget.
Hope the farewell evening goes well.

Busy at it

Muscles from Brussels 3

Muscles from Brussels 2

Muscles from Brussels 1

New buddies

Thursday morning

The victims of building

Tuesday morning

Meet Chris - team number '21'


Check out the guns!!! (biceps)

Monday 18th - the lads painting

We are so HOT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Thursday has been 35 degrees in the shade. The thermostat was left out in the sun and hit over 45.... if it goes above 35 in the shade we are not allowed to work.
Chris our American friend, who is the assistant site supervisor, always finishes sentences with RIGHT NOW... we took the opportunity to quote "Zoolander", for those of you who know it, "I AM SO HOT RIGHT NOW!!!!'' as the sweat pours down everywhere.
Finishing every sentence with RIGHT NOW for the past few days has proven too much for some of the members of the group, even Mr Fanagan was getting into the habit, so Peter the construction superviser taught us how to say it in Hungarian (MUSTA ZUNIM). There is a good mood in the camp. Plenty of work is being done and there is always a lot to laugh about. There is a serious amount of trash being spoken by some groups as people paint and get to grips with power tools. We hope to finish off the walls before we go.
Anyway i gotta go MUSTA ZUNIM (Hungarian spelling????)

Tuesday 19 June 2007

The hottest day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was by far the hottest day we have had on site, at least 35 degrees. We worked from 8 to 12 and 2 till 4. There was more painting for half of the group and the rest were getting to grips with power tools in order to secure the siding boards (walls). Mr Fanagan was very frustrated with the power tools at first, after having just mastered hammering. Before lunch he dropped the drill and went off in a huff of frustration. After lunch however the old dog learnt a new trick, and had to be dragged off the site at 4pm. Everybody is in good form, even Moritz who lost to some of the female staff at pool!!!!
This evening we went into the hills for a BBQ.... Braai... it was great craic. We were entertained with impersonations of all staff members by Hal Downer and David Beresford. Milano sang some lovely traditional songs around the camp fire as we were all being devoured by giant mosquitoes!!!
Miss Bustard will post some photos soon.
Thanks to all who have followed our progress and have helped make this trip possible.
PC, Cronners or Nut

Monday 18 June 2007

Review of Week One

A feature of the trip has been our daily meeting, usually held after dinner on the landing in the hotel. This evening we went over many aspects of the past week and had some suggestions for activities over the next few evenings.
Today we worked from 8 till 11.30. We're finishing spacing in the frame and have started to treat the wood with preservative - a pretty tedious job compared with the thrill of nailing (I'm not kidding). We spent the afternoon in Kadarkut, a village about 50 km away. The teachers of the local vocational school had read about us and wanted to meet us. It was more interesting for us teachers than the pupil members of the team, since the school was almost empty: few of heir pupils to chat up.
Tomorrow is a full working day - as long as the rain doesn't come: the site is too dangerous if it's wet. It's a million miles away from school exams, Bertie's house (not, I swear, built by Habitat for Humanity) and other things that we were thinking of ten days ago.

Lake Gekeynes

Our first day of relaxation in Hungary was spent by lake Gekeynes. A lake in western Hungary. very hot. water cold. me like. The diving board was the high light of the day with all team members giveing it a go, some with better conviction than others. we even had a few hungarian families laughing as people ran to the edge of the diving board and abruplty stopped and ran back with a very pale face. we would like to point out that the diving board was a ginormous seven meters above the water. though we are convinced it was more along the line of twenty. After a refreshing dip in the lake we returned to the shore house to celebrate Moritz's b day. Super sweet 17. nothing else to say apart form the majority of people getting burn cause we thought we could all go down a few factors in suncream. johnny wearing a modest factor 60 and crispin on a burning 10.
Johnny and Crispin

Saturday 16 June 2007


the higlight of the trip so far is either a buffet in Budapest (for dave cooper) or rex the dog (for everyone else) the dog is big and is a german shepherd and sheds hair wherver he goes including all around are dorm and on my bed which is now rex's. will try and put up some pictures of rex soon. just to make you all jealous it was 31 degrees today in csurgo.


Catapults and benches

Hey chaps,

Today there was a shortage of wood so Ross and i made huge catapults from spare pieces of wood littered around the site. Our huge weapons fired over a massive distance of about one and a half metres. They were much cooler than the bench Dave and Moritz made. Its really cool to be able to talk to you guys and i hope all the exams are going well. I love Ginge!


Quote of the day

Earlier on the site we were discussing allergies and this one came out..

"Imagine if an astronought was allergic to space..."

nice one Paddy


And still smiling.....

More than 100Kg of nails later, we are still hammering!!!

Moritz and David make the bench Yah!

Laying the cornerstone of the duplex we are building!

Home Dedication: Each family was given their keys, a letter box, bible, hammer and bottle of wine to mark the occasion!

Trying to look busy.....