Thursday 21 June 2007

We are so HOT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Thursday has been 35 degrees in the shade. The thermostat was left out in the sun and hit over 45.... if it goes above 35 in the shade we are not allowed to work.
Chris our American friend, who is the assistant site supervisor, always finishes sentences with RIGHT NOW... we took the opportunity to quote "Zoolander", for those of you who know it, "I AM SO HOT RIGHT NOW!!!!'' as the sweat pours down everywhere.
Finishing every sentence with RIGHT NOW for the past few days has proven too much for some of the members of the group, even Mr Fanagan was getting into the habit, so Peter the construction superviser taught us how to say it in Hungarian (MUSTA ZUNIM). There is a good mood in the camp. Plenty of work is being done and there is always a lot to laugh about. There is a serious amount of trash being spoken by some groups as people paint and get to grips with power tools. We hope to finish off the walls before we go.
Anyway i gotta go MUSTA ZUNIM (Hungarian spelling????)

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