Monday 11 June 2007

The adventure begins: a post by the head of IT Hungary also head of English!

Greetings from Budapest where we arrived safely. We've just had dinner and are about to turn in. Tomorrow we'll do some sightseing before setting off for Csurgo late afternoon.
Everything has run smoothly and everybody has been great....apart from Mr Fanagan snoring on the plane.... he just called me a liar....he is now laughing.... even John has been great!!!!
PC head of nothing


Lissy said...

Glad you arrived safely!! Hope everything goes really well. (esp that the teachers learn to get along with one another)

We;re thinking of you.

Have Fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Greetings from the sunny and very hot Dublin! Hope all is well... Working very hard over here! Take care! Sandrine