Monday 18 June 2007

Review of Week One

A feature of the trip has been our daily meeting, usually held after dinner on the landing in the hotel. This evening we went over many aspects of the past week and had some suggestions for activities over the next few evenings.
Today we worked from 8 till 11.30. We're finishing spacing in the frame and have started to treat the wood with preservative - a pretty tedious job compared with the thrill of nailing (I'm not kidding). We spent the afternoon in Kadarkut, a village about 50 km away. The teachers of the local vocational school had read about us and wanted to meet us. It was more interesting for us teachers than the pupil members of the team, since the school was almost empty: few of heir pupils to chat up.
Tomorrow is a full working day - as long as the rain doesn't come: the site is too dangerous if it's wet. It's a million miles away from school exams, Bertie's house (not, I swear, built by Habitat for Humanity) and other things that we were thinking of ten days ago.

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