Thursday 14 June 2007

Morning Building and then visiting school..

This morning we did some more work on the site which started at eight. we worked till 9.30 and the houses framework and walls are really starting to look good. we then stopped and went back to the hostel before walking down to the nearby high school. the school is mixed with about 300 people in it. it is a prebyterian school and people come from lots of neighbouring towns to go there as it is a very good school and has boarding houses. we we shown around the school and grounds and the library there is amazing with over 20,000 books and manuscripts some dating back to martin luther. some of the pupils also showed us around and took us around the grounds, were the boys all started to play very bad football and so the pupils at the school arranged a match tonight against us, i think they thought they will have an easy win.. come on the gwynn boys..( girls arent allowed play according to dave)

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