Monday 18 June 2007

Lake Gekeynes

Our first day of relaxation in Hungary was spent by lake Gekeynes. A lake in western Hungary. very hot. water cold. me like. The diving board was the high light of the day with all team members giveing it a go, some with better conviction than others. we even had a few hungarian families laughing as people ran to the edge of the diving board and abruplty stopped and ran back with a very pale face. we would like to point out that the diving board was a ginormous seven meters above the water. though we are convinced it was more along the line of twenty. After a refreshing dip in the lake we returned to the shore house to celebrate Moritz's b day. Super sweet 17. nothing else to say apart form the majority of people getting burn cause we thought we could all go down a few factors in suncream. johnny wearing a modest factor 60 and crispin on a burning 10.
Johnny and Crispin

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