Monday 6 April 2009

Day 10 - That's all folks! or is it?

We come to our last day of our trip! Our last day of work was hot and fulfilling to see the last of the plaster boarding finally finished. We also found time to make the sign Michael and Piggy are holding. It was also sad to know that this was our last day and that our work was 'finished' and that we wouldn’t be coming back.

We left the site and began packing in preparation for Mr. Clarke's judging of the TIDIEST ROOM which both of today’s writers won.

We left for the final dinner with the families who we were the houses for. During this we were given a crash course in Hungarian folk dancing which you can see in the photo. We sat down to a very tasty three course meal and chatted with the families. Fergus was burned when the waiter accidentally poured Goulash on his back which many are convinced was the hand of God revenging his lack of work during the past few days! There was a disco next door which we joined and even got Clarkey dancing!

We have only the long day of buses and planes to go before we are home and it is with a mixture of sadness that it’s over and pride in what we have done that we leave

Quote of the Day: Clarkey to Michael “It doesn’t taste that bad. Just swallow it!”


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