Thursday 2 April 2009

Day 9 in the Big Brother Household!

Another early morning. On the way to the site we looked up and saw a stork’s nest on the very top of a telephone pole. The nest was perfectly balanced and a real example of how stable a building should be.

We arrived at the site and immediately set off to our intense but enjoyable jobs, which included plastering walls for the third day in a row and screwing Styrofoam to the exterior of the house. It was easy to see that a minority of the team were suffering from lack of sleep.

The second half of the working day featured a race between two teams on either side of the house, racing to see who could finish screwing Styrofoam to the exterior of the house. Progress was easy to see as it was a very quick and basic job, which just required cutting pieces of Styrofoam to certain measurements and then just putting them into place and screwing them in.

The day ended with a small talk on the day’s progress and then a quick retreat back to the hotel, where team members could relax in the thermal baths or walk to the shop to stock up on food. We had supper which was a weird looking Hungarian pizza and then back to the rooms to have a long team meeting, which examined how the trip has affected us on various levels.

Quote of the Day:
Mr. Clarke: We still need quote of the day… (10:19 pm, we’re getting desperate!)

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