Wednesday 1 April 2009

Day 8 - Breaking in Debrecen

Today, being April Fool’s day, most of us woke up afraid of being plotted against. The boys had been talking in whispers of the possible tricks they might want to play on some of us. I remembered the fact that it was the 1st of April (April Fools day) when I saw Ms Hanna with her face painted like a cat. Mrs Heffernan put on fake nails with the characters from high school musical printed on them. For the rest of the time working almost everyone was in high spirits, and it was a fun day.

Today was a half day on site as it was our second R’n’R day. We arrived on site to find the gate locked and Pisti and Sandor were nowhere to be seen. The teachers pretended that it was an April Fools and told us that they had only got us out of bed as a prank! When we started leaving they quickly explained that it wasn’t a prank and that Pisti and Sandor were not there yet. Some of the lads then went looking for them and found them around the corner hiding in their car and van! Immediately we realised we had been pranked and after having a laugh decided we wanted a lift back to the site. So 9 of us climbed into Sandor’s Suzuki Swift (Only slightly bigger then a mini!) and two into the open back of Pisti’s pick up truck and we made our way back to the site. The teachers and others quickly turned around again when they saw Sandor and Pisti driving 11 of us back to the site. The half day of work then went quite fast as Sean, Michael, Fergus, Robbie and I hid all over the site avoiding teachers as they went.

After our half day of work we headed into the 2nd largest town in Hungary for a bit of R’n’R. The trip was good fun as we went up into the tower of a huge church and had the chance to see views over all of Debrecen. Later on we visited a museum which contained lots of old historical Hungarian objects which seemed to send off an alarm every time you went within a meter of them.

Later on the same Sean, Michael, Fergus, Robbie and I had a brainwave and we got a picture of Pisti (The GOD of our trip) printed. We then got him to sign our copies as if he were a celebrity, before presenting him with a copy we had signed, entitled “The Habitat Boys”.

Quote of the day:

Michael McBurney – Can we not just climb in the back of the pick-up truck?
Pisti – No… I have no licence…

By Tanaka and Patrick

(Note from the editor, this is a simple mistranslation… we think… hope…)

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