Friday 15 April 2011

Day 10 - Screwing Around on Our Last Day!

Our final day on site and the team were all keen on making one final big effort to do as much as we can in our last hours on site. Again divided between Site A & Site B, the teams got through a mountain of work. On Site A, the team were busy cutting chipboard to completely cover the outer structure of the extension, screwing said chipboard to the frame (using hundreds of screws - hence the "screwing around"!), painting doors, treating wood and even raised the roof - literally by 5 more cm after the architect decided it needed a slightly larger pitch. 

Sandoor, our regular Site Supervisor, decided to give the rest of us a chance to lead the team - rotating the role every half hour. There were varying styles of leadership from Mr. Jones's "Simon Says" policy (which included an impromptu "Hokey Cokey" - well, Simon said!), Mr. Jackson's request that everyone speak in a Scottish accent and Zac Stephenson's "just keep doing what you're doing" style of leadership! Great fun was had on site but some excellent work too. It was particularly satisfying to see the outer frame covered which gave us a sense of the future shape of the extension.

On Site B, Levi entertained the troops while guiding them to further progress on the pathway. Team B enjoyed an extended lunch with traditional paprika sausage and treats from Levi but again were hugely productive, extending the pathway by another few metres.

Both teams were reunited for a brief time on Site A and got a chance to pick up some of the wonderful gift items the residents at the Symbiosis Centre make in the workshops. In the evening the team watched some young kids rehearse some traditional Hungarian dancing before our Farewell Dinner up on Symbiosis' hillside centre. After our wonderful BBQ, Sandor and Levi each spoke about the work we had done, Mr. Jones thanked the two site supervisors for their excellent work in supporting and guiding us. He spoke about how each and every member of the team had grown and matured in the last 11 days and that this was down to the wonderful working atmosphere created by the two site supervisors. The evening drew to a close with individual pupil awards accompanied by "alternative" team photos!

Our final day on site summed up the trip wonderfully - fun, productive and emotional. Many many thanks must go to Sandor and Levi for the tremendous work that they do for Habitat for Humanity Hungary. We feel privileged to have spent the last week or so with them and hope to see them again in the future. Here are some pictures from our last day on site.

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