Tuesday 12 April 2011

Day 7 - You're Doin' It!!!

Yesterday was another extremely busy day. On Site A, the small team there constructed the outer frame of the extension and put it in place. This was a significant moment as the once empty space finally began to look like a "room". On Site B, work continued on the astonishing wheelchair accessible pathway, foundations were dug for the wall extension (which at times resembled a muddy grave) while all day echoed through the trees the high pitched motivational wail "You're Doin' It!!!!!".

Yesterday evening the team all met to share their own personal experiences of the trip so far and to consider our high and low points. It was universally agreed that opportunities to share one's experiences in this regard help everyone focus on the task at hand and provide the team a platform for reflection on how fortunate we ourselves are. As part of the process, on Hungary's National Day of Poetry, several Haikus were written which summed up a multitude of the team's shared experiences. Tomorrow night the team will compete in a table quiz!

Levi's awesome jokes,
Fun and laughter with the blokes,
Helping Miskolc folks.

A hammer falls hard,
Driving down a lowly nail ,
Building through the pain.

Lifting the Frame in Place

God, I hope it fits!

It better fit or it's six sides of blue for you boy!

Ok, it fits!

Sandoor hammers the frame in place!

Job done!

Digging the grave (or foundation)

Nails Dalrymple takes his pick!

Smithers skimming concrete for the pathway

What's she doing with that?

I like to mix it, mix it. I like to mix it, mix it. She likes to .... mix it!

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