Friday 8 April 2011

Day 4 - Destruction Studies

Unlike yesterday the group was again divided into two teams, one working in the city site and the other in the hill site. It was another highly productive day. In the city site, Team A fully dissembled the old structure where the extension is being built, carefully removing the roof, the struts, supporting beams and finally the vertical poles. Jamie Boyd describes the activity on site A.
"Today on the city site, the main job was to dissemble the temporary roof of the old terrace, with help from 'Phillip the Crotch Monkey', which was keeping the concrete we had set yesterday dry overnight. We completed this task quite quickly and afterwards came the tedious job of pulling nails out of the wood we had taken down. Meanwhile the girls on site were painstakingly planing and sanding the planks of wood which will be used to construct the new extension. After lunch we began building a permanent roof for the massage and physiotherapy room and the girls managed to gain a few admirers from the residents in the home. A productive and enjoyable day on site A."
Team B were also extremely busy today completing a series of tasks in the hill site including mixing and pouring concrete and laying kerb stones for the new wheelchair accessible pathway, transporting rubble swept down during the recent flood. They also got to see two newly born kids in the goat farm.

It was an extremely eventful day for one of our team members as Claire Conway appeared on Hungarian television with the director of the Symbiosis centre speaking about Habitat for Humanity, volunteering and the work of St. Columba's. She did us so proud, speaking elequently, clearly and with passion. She was a great ambassador for St. Columba's College and Habitat for Humanity Ireland. Well done Claire.

Here are a few pics of today's events:

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Peter woodfellow said...

These projects are great i did one with my school going to Romania which was great. We built 2 new school buildings for a village which meant that each year had there own room for the first time. I would love to go back and see it now.