Thursday 7 April 2011

Day 3 - A Delayed Start

When we all arrived on site this morning we were told that unfortunately due to poor weather (heavy rain) the site was not safe to work in. Instead we were treated to a full tour of the Symbiosis Farm (Symbiosis is the organisation with whom Habitat are working) to see their goats, donkey, horses and vegetable garden. Afterwards we rescheduled our visit to Miskolc's famous thermal Cave Baths (just a short walk from our hotel) and spent a leisurely couple of hours soaking in the hot mineral waters - curing any lingering aches or pains from yesterday mammoth work session.

However, sunshine greeted us in the late morning and the city site was deemed safe enough to work in during the afternoon. We all agreed that we should work late, hoping to make up time lost in the morning. With all the team now situated in the city site we ploughed through a mountain of work. We were broken into four groups: one working on mixing concrete to finish the floor of the extension; one transporting the concrete; one restoring a damaged door in the centre and the other planing and sanding the wood for the extension frame. By the end of the day, the floor was completed, the wood sanded and the door near complete. The sun also came out to celebrate our day's great achievements.

We are shortly heading for dinner in Miskolc's city centre, following by our very own House Singing competition - not to be out done by the Columban's left at home. All are safe and sound and thoroughly enjoying the hard work (and a little play). 

Here are some photos taken by the team throughout the day.

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