Tuesday 12 April 2011

Day 8 - Quick, Get Me The Angle Grinder!

Site B was a hive of activity as usual today. Team B (now very much jumbled up and resembling nothing of the original) were given a tour of the lower farm, partially to see the wood work and brick making workshops, but chiefly to burgle (guess who's writing this one?) back our tools from the local workers! When work began, the group were broken into smaller teams. The "smallest" team consisted of Hamish and Neil (The Hamster & Nails) who continued the laying of the kerb stones (the two have been honing their skills in following a plumb line over the week and are quite accomplished at this task). The ever present cement mixer was in constant use with everyone taking mixing, barrowing & skimming in turns. The teachers ended up with the most menial task of using a selection of brooms to sweep out the dusty covered walkway. The coffee break was longer than expected on Site B when Kez naively asked Levi about his previous career moves. The stories flowed like the tea!

Site A were focused on the erection of the roof rafters, each needing to be cut to size and wedges chiselled  to perfection to allow for a snug fit. The rafters were then nailed in place and bracketed securely. There were a few rogue nails along the way, which simply refused to follow the straight line path expected of them. A few expletives were heard and the angle grinder was called for on a few occasions (once to stir the tea). Other tasks on Site A included the never ending sanding and paint removal from some of the centre's old doors. However, many found this task both challenging and relaxing.

Both teams were rewarded with a slightly shorter working day due to the overtime hours worked on Monday. Tomorrow morning the pupils and teachers will visit a local secondary school before a later start on site at 10am. Everyone will be working on Site A tomorrow. All for now - off for supper soon (some of the team are lucky enough to be heading to the cave baths this evening) where surely plenty more potential uses for angle grinders will be explored!

The Frame at the End of the Day

Work over - "What's for dinner?"

They're Doin' It!!!

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