Monday 11 April 2011

Day 6 - R&R in Eger & Szilvásvarad

Yesterday we spend a wonderful day of rest and relaxation in Eger & Szilvásvarad, two of Hungary's most beautiful towns. Eger is home to a wonderful 15th century castle while Szilvásvarad is full of gorgeous walks and historical attractions - including a fantastic cave where the remains of our Neanderthal ancestors were found. Enough said, here are some photos of the day trip.

Mr Jameson finally meets someone bigger than him!

Our tour of Eger Castle

Happy faces - it must be a day off work!

The beautiful view from Eger Castle

Enjoying the same view.

Messing on the playground!

Where to ladies?

The boys relaxing on the wall.

Robbo finally has had enough of Swifty's singing!

Sorry to alarm you Jamo, but you have a Hugo on your back!

Off on our adventure.

Relaxing by the lake in Szilvásvarad

All smiles from Kez and Aoise

Smithers & Jamo finally make it to the Neanderthal Cave.

Guess who?

The Neanderthals Return?

Another of Zac's Snaps - the team await their tour guide.

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