Sunday 16 March 2008

Day 5 - Sunday 16th March 2008

How the mighty have fallen!

Today was a difficult day for the team as an agressive vomitting bug swept its way through the hard working and exhausted troops. A number of the team were ill throughout the day, which was very unfortunate as today was our day off from the site. However, the troops that remained standing braved the icy waters of Lake Gekenyese and sang songs over a camp fire and gorged goulash til the night grew dim! As the ashes faded, so did the songs and laughter until the faint crys of zip, zap and boing echoed through the hills of South West Hungary! Tomorrow the team will venture back to the trenches of the the Habitat Site and celebrate St, Patrick's Day and paint O'Csurgo green!! Faith and begorra!! Top of the Habitat to ye all!!! Slán agus póg me I'm Irish!!!!!

The Gang (2nd SCC Habitat Battalion)

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Michael said...

Sorry to hear of the sickness. Laura you must be busy! Lovely pictures of the town. Hope Monday is going well. God bless. Chaplain