Friday 21 March 2008

Day 9 - Thursday 20th March 208

Today was our penultimate day on the site and once again we were exceptionally busy, making up for lost time on Tuesday. The day started off bright and sunny, cold but pleasant, and work quickly began on the foundations for the side walks and on repairing any broken or distressed plaster on the houses. We completed our assigned tasks for the morning well before time and began a thorough clean-up of the site. The area looked immaculate some lunchtime, with all work completed and the site well organised. After lunch we continued to tidy the site and paint any repaired plaster work from yesterday. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worst and snow began to fall at around 2:30. But we persevered and finished our assigned tasks for today. After work, the team travelled to the hills for a BBQ, with wonderful spiced chicken, local sausage and traditional paprika potatoes. We danced and sang around the glorious bonfire until the light had faded and so too the energy. All have returned to the hotel and have began the arduous task of packing for our early departure on Saturday morning. Tomorrow looks to be another busy day, but all are feeling both excited and disappointed at the end of our trip!

Here are a few pictures from today's work and R&R:
Some of the girls help to tidy the worksite.

The family members work alongside the team to repair the plaster and prepare it for painting.

Josh and Alec finishing the sidewalk foundations.

The BBQ on the hills. The view of Csurgo is spectacular and the food wonderful.

The gang sing and dance around the bonfire!

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