Friday 14 March 2008

Half way through day 2!!!

Hi everyone. Jonesy here! It's half way through the first day and it has been tough. We are continuing with digging trenches for sewage and water (we're nearly finished). Although it is very physically challenging, everyone is up-beat and in great form. Some sillyness appears at times (nothing to do with me, honest!) but work is still done effectively. It sounds like a job that could be done quickly but the home owners could spend weeks completing the trenches if they were by themselves! If it was completed using machinery it would cost the equivilant of €10,000 (one eight of the cost of the entire build!). Also today some of the team were insulating the foundation. Csurgo can be as cold as -15 degrees in the winter! Lunch was fab with wonderful soups and spag bol! (we were introduced to one of Hungary's major exports - paprika, which added a "little" more spice to the occasion!) Anyway, must now head back to work. Hope all is well back home!!

Oh and Happy Birthday Rebecca Murtagh!!!!

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