Saturday 15 March 2008

The Town of Csurgo

Here are a number of pictures of some of the landmarks of Csurgo.

One of the five churches in Csurgo, this newly built Reform (Calvinist) Church is one of the finest buildings in town. Built in 2001, it is built alongside a local boarding school, run by the church.

This is a picture of an appartment block in central Csurgo. One of the families we are building the houses for currently live in a small, run down appartment within the block. The building was built by the Russians in 1950 to a very poor standard. Water leaks into all floors when it rain and damp and mould are found throughout.

Another local appartment block, not far from the town park.

This is the Csurgo Town Hall, where the local council sit. The beautifully restored community centre is oppositite, although not completed yet.

The view from the CBA, one of the local supermarkets. This is main street Csurgo, a town with a population of 6000 people. Although the town is run down in some places it is impecible clean and crime free.

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