Wednesday 19 March 2008

Day 8 - Wednesday 19th March 2008

The sun has returned to Csurgo again today and all of the team returned to work, devoid of sickness and ill-health. We all worked extra hard today, knowing the time that was lost yesterday. We began the day planting some trees, donated to the Habitat Project by the local government, along the road leading to the Habitat Houses. We planted a dozen or so trees today and hope to do more tomorrow. After our water break we continued to plaster around the windows of the houses in order to seal the glass and to provide a flawless finish on our painting. (It must be noted how much care and attention goes into the houses and how much the families appreciate the minor details) We then dug the foundations for the pathways around the house, removing the dirt and putting gravel in. We will mix concrete soon to fill the pathway. And finally the plumber completed his work on the sewage and water pipes and we were able to fill in the final holes!

A great day's work! Here are some of Joanna's Photos from today!
Some of the girsl stop for a well deserved break!

Digging the foundations for the pathway.

Laura doing somthing??

More digging!

The trees after planting!!

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