Monday 17 March 2008

Day 6 - Monday March 17th - Csurgo gets painted green!!!

St. Patrick's Day in Csurgo and we went a little silly. We weren't quite satisfied with covering ourselves with green, but we also (literally) painted Csurgo green too. The house received its first base coat over the bare plaster and Peter insisted we use green!!! It was a glorious day here and all members of the team are feeling better, if not quite 100% just yet. But all returned to work for some of the day and we had a ball sanding and painting. Tonight we are going to have a sing song and a bit of Irish Dancing!!!

Beannachtaí Lá Feile Padraig!!!

Peter "Guinness" Geszti

All the gang in their best GREEN!!!

The Leaders sport their Paddy's Day Rigouts!!

Painting the town green!!!

The coat is placed on the houses before lunch! Don't worry, we painted over the green with yellow in the afternoon!!!

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