Tuesday 18 March 2008

Day 7 - 18th March 2008

SNOW in Csurgo!! After the glorious day yesterday and highs of 17 degrees, we were greeted to snow showers this morning in Csurgo. This unfortunately meant that no work could be carried out on site so the team went to a larger local town for some shopping and then onto a spa, with volcanic pools and swimming facilities. Unfortunately, the vomiting bug made an unwelcome return and claimed yet more victims this morning so Mr. Watts, Mr.Jones and Ed Teggin were not well enough to travel to the spa. The team will have a meal out later and look forward to getting back onto the site tomorrow morning.

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dave and em said...

Hi guys, the blog looks fantastic! Hilarious pictures from Paddys day, looks like you're all having a fantastic time, keep up the good work

Dave Lynas and all the Habitat staff