Thursday 13 March 2008

Day 1 - Thursday 13th March 2008

Here are some pictures of our first day's work. We spent the day digging a trench for the sewage pipes of the two houses we are hoping to finish. Progress since last year is amazing and we are delighted with our days work. Mr Fanagan will write a more detailed diary of the day later but in the mean time, here are some pics of our first day on site (in what was a beautiful day in Csurgo)!!

Hard hats are handed out!!!

The families who will eventually move into the houses.

All the gang!!!! (No one missing this time)

The dynamic duo, back in action!

Pottsy DIGS DEEP (Get it?)

Some of the diggers!!!

Jonesy and Phil

Jonesy & Phil giving it loads!

Most of the gang in action!

Pottsy & Ed stuck in a hole!

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