Thursday 26 March 2009

Day 1 - The Journey

This latest entry, features our journey to Budapest, our ‘All you can eat’ lunch in the Trofea Grill, our tour of Budapest and then our arrival in Hajdu, the town in which we are working.

Our journey to Budapest started at 5am in Dublin. We boarded a bus and drove to the airport. We checked in and soon after were standing in duty free and flying through security. We had around 15 minutes in which we could look around and buy whatever we wanted, which for many was breakfast.

The first thing we did when we got to Budapest was to collect our bags and exchange our Euro into Hungarian Forints. Then it was straight off to the Trofea Grill, which is an ‘All you can eat’ buffet in Budapest. We highly anticipated this, as Jonesy had said, and I quote ‘listen guys, I would leave my wife to go to the trofea grill one more time ’ (Actual Words May Vary). We had a good feed, which included many different styles of cooking including grill, fish fry and boiled foods as well as traditional Hungarian Food. Mr Clarke needed some sort of crane and removal of a window to exit the restaurant.

Once we caught our breath we were put in the smallest bus known to man and brought on a wonderful tour of the Castle District of the Buda part of the city. From the Fisherman’s Basket, a collection of towers at the top of the city, we saw the contrast of the very modern wealth and old communist poverty.

We arrived in Hajdúböszörmény at 7.30pm. It was considerably colder than Budapest, there was snow on the ground, and more is expected! My first impression was of a bit of a ghost town. We ate a traditional Hungarian supper of Goulash and pancakes. The apartments are very modern and comfortable. The spa and pool are also very tempting but we are here for business not pleasure! Speaking of which we start work tomorrow so we better go. Goodnight from Hajdu… From Midget Man (Michael) and Gingerbread Man (Seán)

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