Saturday 28 March 2009

Day 4 - Teacher training!

Today was quite a different day than normal because today we visited a local school and taught in English classes. The previous night we were all gathered and given fifteen minutes to make a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of our choice. The groups were split up by room and the task was quite hard and surprised us. The rooms were in the following groups; in 'New Stack' were Jasper, Patrick, Dalton and Steffan, who did their presentation on rugby. In the girls group were Steph, Suz, Jesse and Tanaka, who spoke on Dublin. The second male group consisted of Fergus, Jack and Patrick O’ Malley who spoke on Irish film, specifically the film Intermission. The final group was made up of Michael, Sean and Robbie, who did their presentation on Irish music. When we first entered the school it was huge and incredibly intimidating because everyone was staring at us. We went to the first class and presented our slideshows as a whole group and were eventually split in half, with one half of the class presenting their slideshow to one class and the other half presenting it to another. This made it a lot more difficult and it forced us to improvise more, but all in all completely added to the experience. In the end we articulately spoke to 5 different classes and represented our country and our school incredibly well.

By the end, we were unbearably tired and faced another 3 hours of work on the site, which was a very strong mental battle, but one in which all the team leaders think we did very well.
By Jasper and Patrick Mc

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