Saturday 28 March 2009

Quote of the Day

One of the ideas that we had while over here in Hungary was that we would put up a quote of the day along with our normal evening post but because we have been so busy (exhausted!) we haven't really gotten round to it yet. So I find myself playing catch up! Here are a couple of the best ones from the past few days, enjoy!

Day 2 - On the Building Site

Dalton Tice- I really want to use one of those saw things.
Mr. Clarke - That's a drill Dalton...

Day 4 - Teacher Training

Both by Seán Ralson

“In the early 1970’s, music was invented by Sir John Music.”

Runner Up- “Another famous Irish musician is Britney Spears who was born in county Wexford”

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Paul said...

put up a comment yesterday but it obviously did not work for some reason. just to say it looks good and keep the posts coming along. well done you guys.