Tuesday 31 March 2009

Day 7 - Taking the Pisti?

Today we continued building. The Few that were unlucky enough to get plaster boarding were close to shooting themselves in the head with the staple gun. Blocking was much the same as other days; basically it was a place where you could doss without the hassle of Pisti. The lads found a way of amusing themselves by hanging from the beams on the ceiling but the almighty Fergus destroyed all in every competition. (Note from the editor: Self praise is no praise, Fergus!)

You may have seen Pisti in previous blogs. Let me explain how this one local man has become our God amongst the team. He has been famous for having godlike skills and godlike goulash. (Which we have yet to taste, and have been told contains the limbs of local malcontents, who Pisti slaughters in his sleep) Pisti is basically the Chuck Norris of Hungary and the jokes concerning him are becoming more and more outrageous as the days pass. His accent has been attempted by many around the site but only one can truly master it. The habitat families are loosing hundreds of euro per hour due to the help of Fergus and Se├ín guessing the measurements of the plasterboard. But with one swift call of the godlike name he appears from the plaster with the phrase ‘You want goulash?’ Our goal is to get a signed picture of him holding a bowl of goulash.

This evening we went to the house of one of the families we are building for. Some of us believed that it was going to be very uncomfortable, but after 15 minutes we were playing Lego and enjoying ourselves. The house had only three rooms, the kitchen, bedroom and sitting room. They had no running water in the house, an outside toilet and the two children shared a bed in one room. They had all the necessary things needed to sustain life but none of the luxuries that we have come to expect in life.

Quote of the day:

Jack: Is this ok? (referring to his plaster board work)
Pisti: Eh… No… Not really… Take it down…

(Note from the editor: We feel it better to leave out some of the ... more choice words which follow Pisti around the work site, from even the most unlikely sources!)

By Fergus and Dalton

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