Sunday 29 March 2009

Day 5 - R'n'R

Today was called a rest and relaxation day but was actually quite the opposite! We had breakfast at seven which was actually six because of the time change and actually five in Ireland. The day consisted of walking, hiking, fishing and extremely long bus journeys. We started off by travelling two hours to Eger to visit a castle which we got a tour around. It was extremely interesting! Fergus rode a cannon as pictured.

We also played on the horses which were actually for fourteen year olds and younger which we found out once we finished using them! We were so blown away by the war stories that we couldn’t resist!!

We then went to Szilvasvarad on the bus and got the train with only a second to spare. Once we got there, there was a really pretty lake which was crystal clear, we then hiked up the rest of the way to see a cave. It was wizard!! Prehistoric bones were found there and were traced back to early cave dwellers.

While we hiked back down there was a trout farm and Piggy managed to catch a fish with his bare hands. There were also lots of frogs and Dalton thought it hilarious to pick up a mating couple!

We hiked down the rest of the way and got to go on the bumper cars. There were some nice tourist shops where people bought souvenirs.
We then went to a torture jail which made us feel sick because of all the gross methods of torturing. We then got the bus to an amazing pizza restaurant, Piggy managed to eat three whole pizzas and then asked for a doggy bag!

Quote of the day: Mr. Clarke: “Noel, stop encouraging the children to crawl down the small, dark holes!”

By Jessy and Robbie


Humphrey Jones said...

Hey guys. Having a great laugh hearing about your "R&R"!!! Just back from my weekend of college (the reason I couldn't go with you guys) and can safely I would prefer to be in Hungary right now!! You seem to be having a great time, and I really hope you are! The house is coming on well, so keep it up! Also, for the record! Dalton: they look for like toads to me, and they aren't mating - but they do spread warts, so I hope you washed your hands and don't bite your nails!

Julie Robinson said...

Hey guys!

Loving the blog and your photos! It sounds like great fun over there so enjoy every second of it.
Keep the good work up!

Ms Robinson