Monday 30 March 2009

Day 6 – Back to work!

We got up at the usual time today, and went to the site, exhausted from yesterday. Some of us were dry walling, which nobody liked to do, but we did none the less, and the others were putting supports in the roof. Sean, Burney and Fergus had finished dry walling a wall but when Pisti saw it he was not impressed, and told them to take it all down. Later in the day he wittily thanked them for changing jobs!

For lunch we had a taashty dish of spiced chicken and rice, with lots of clean plates. As we went back to the site we counted squashed frogs on the roads, and reached a total of seventy two, in just the short walk!

Towards the end of the day people started to grow tired, and the work slowed down. Tonight for dinner, after a swim, there was another taashty dish of spaghetti bolognaise. At the moment, our tour guide from the other night and from the local school is here playing cards with some of us, and I’m sure it will be an early night after they leave!

Quote of the day

Dalton: ‘‘I have at least eighteen thousand Pistis in my pocket!’’ (Pisti is our hero of a building supervisor!)

By Robbie and Steffan

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