Saturday 28 March 2009

Day 3 - Free Fergus Morton!

We had a busy day today. We put up lots of plywood continuing on from yesterdays walls made of the same board. One of today's humourous highlights was burying Fergus, as punishment for his awful jokes! We entertained ourselves during the day, watching Jasper riding the motorcycle and generally making fun of our attempts at imitating 'real' builders!
We were taken out on tour of Hajdu with two local school girls. We went to a memorial statue of the First World War which was very moving.
We also saw a Greek Catholic church which is unique to Hungary. Mr.Coldrick insisted on going to a bakery to see (and taste) some nice traditional cakes. At the end of our tour we visited three bakeries, purchasing at each one.

After the entertainment at the building site we were taken out to go bowling. We really enjoyed ourselves with our site manger Pisti. We didn’t succeed with the bowling so we went to play pool.
David Lynas said 'Serve and Learn' were the two aims of this trip and this was a very good day for both!

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