Friday 27 March 2009

Day 2: 26th March 2009

Woke up at a rather early hour in the morning by the lads up for their 6am swim, just outside our window. Hungarian breakfast was, emmm, lets just say different, though it was to keep us going till lunch time. We got into our rather sexy working gear, man we looked hawt, socks over tracksuits, gloves, steel top shoes and a hard hat. We walked to the site, only about 10 minutes away, past some rather vicious looking dogs.

When we got there we had a tour of the houses, and a feel for the work that was ahead of us. Some of the houses had already been completed to a higher standard than we expected. Pisti (who we ended up calling fishy) was our site manager, and showed us the jobs that we were to do. At about 8:30, we started doing some ‘blocking’, we found it hard to hammer in nails at the start, what we did hammer in tended to get bent, and break but by the end of the day we were sorted. After four hours of intense ‘blocking’ and ‘screwing’ we went back to the hostel for lunch, where we were greeted with a soup, and turkey lunch, again not our usual.

Rushing back to the site, we immediately got back into our routine, with no complaints, surprisingly. Finishing off what we started earlier, some setting challenges… bit keen. We were all looking forward to 4pm, when our working day ended. When we got back, we quickly got changed and headed to the Thermal Spa, for some T.L.C. We weren’t expecting the baths to be so hot, up to around 50˚C.

Supper was at 6.30pm, so we had time to swim and shop. After supper we went back into the swimming complex for a ‘Team Gathering’, where we discussed our day and the week to come. Off to bed now…
Caio caio,S
Steph and Suz


Anonymous said...

This is terrific. Keep up the blogging!

Paul said...

Hey looks good guys. The first trip we went on with the current sixth form also started with blocking. Some of us hammered for most of the time. check out the photos and entries at the very start of this blog. Hope you guys have a great and rewarding experience. i would love to have gone with you. keep the posts and photos coming.
all the best